Powerful, soulful, passionate. These are just a few words to describe Jahida Esperanza's performances. Spanning across all genres from jazz, funk, rock, soul, to folk and latin, Jahida takes each song and imbues it with a strong sense of self and storytelling. Born to a musical family in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1979, this Puerto Rican and Cuban songstress was raised on classics from every genre of music. After high school, she took advantage of her

proximity to NYC and participated in many different musical projects and theater productions. At age 23, she moved to Vermont, where she eventually went on to earn a degree in Jazz Vocal Performance from Johnson State College in Vermont. 

Jahida has performed at countless venues, including opening for the band The Fray in the 2019 SummerJam series with her band Dead Red Five. Jahida was a vocalist with the FIU Jazz Big Band for the last show at the famed Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club in Miami, has performed at The Dibden Center for the Performing Arts, The famous Warren, Vermont Fourth of July Parade with Jennifer Hartswick and The Funk Collection, with Brazilian Voices at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County, The Straz Center for the Performing Arts, and at the Vermont Pub and Brewery as part of the Burlington Jazz Festival. Her bands have also played the wonderful Tuesday Night Live series in Johnson, Vermont, Blue Jean Blues, and Revolution in Fort Lauderdale. In Colorado, Jahida has played at The Castle Rock Star Lighting Ceremony, ArtFest, Jack Quinn's, The Speedtrap, Crowfoot Valley Coffeehouse, Cucuru Gallery Cafe, Motif Jazz Cafe, and Rico's Cafe & Wine Bar. She has also performed as a featured vocalist with many bands, including Rhythmadix, Mark Fox Quartet, PoJazz, Just War, and The Funk Collection. Jahida also originated a vocalist role in the fantastic Freed-Yorick Theater Ensemble's performance piece Voices, singing the solo pieces "Hold Fast to Dreams" and "Night Funeral in Harlem", and as a member of its national tour.  Jahida Esperanza can also be heard as a featured vocalist on albums from Just War, Rhythmadix, and Angel Ocean.


Girl, you bad!
- Hazel Miller, blues vocalist in the Colorado Hall of Fame

As a singer/performer she is thrilling to listen to. She is real, and full of heart and truth. From soft and beautiful Latin and pop sounds to gritty blues and soul, she can sing anything and make it her own. Jahida is one of a kind!
- Lewis Mock

So good; [your voice] is unique and strong. It's like a centerfielder for the Yankees.
- Don Bryant, bluegrass legend

[Jahida songs are] wonderfully phrased, voice pours out like cream from a pitcher. Sweet, sweet spirit.
- Carron Hocut

A truly delightful combination of power and grace. Passion and elegance. Simultaneously, this is what love and pain sound like.
- Austin Vernon, saxophonist

Equal parts pathos and playfulness, she evokes a sense of deep experience yet lightheartedness. Everything about her; her voice, style and song choice, is a perfect mix of classic and contemporary.
- Gemme Mithril Verner

The aural version of Chuck Norris riding a unicorn across a rainbow made of bacon.
- Brian Maple

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