As a teacher for over 18 years, I strive to imbue a sense of excitement and motivation in all subjects that I teach. In addition, I like to broaden the children's interests by organizing alternate methods for learning, infusing classes with multicultural lessons, employing a wide range of fun activities, and cooperative learning projects. I love helping our younger generations find their voices and pride myself on tailoring my teaching to each student's individual learning style.


Our family has been working with Jahida for several years, both in a conservatory setting and with private voice instruction for our teen student. Jahida's work as an instructor is exceptional, she is a professional who is well educated in her field and able to give very specific direction for technical improvement. This is a high quality, pedagogically-based program that informs about the specialized language of music, the anatomy and physiology of singing, the many cultural and style expressions within the field, and the trade skills of performance. As a working performer, she holds a lot of credibility as an instructor. Our family home schools and it is important for us to find people who will build on our core program with content-rich material in specialized fields. There are a lot of programs out there that will sell families a package or course to "tick the box" on arts and technology, but it's harder to find a program that will genuinely and deeply educate, so we feel we are lucky to have run across this instructor. The goal of our teen was ongoing personal improvement to broaden and deepen her skills, and Jahida prepared all her lessons and her feedback with that goal in mind. Jahida's program is comprehensive, upbeat, and always constructive. She adapts to the goals and needs of each student, and pivots when there are difficulties to work around. This was well demonstrated with our family as we had a year of instruction at the height of the pandemic. At a time when our student's other programs were understandably struggling, with many shutting down and others limping along with masks and temporary closures and reduced content, Jahida was able to keep online learning effective and friendly. Our technology and connection was poor, but she understood the obstacles and worked around them. Her personal connection as a teacher remained strong and we continued to see improvement in our student's abilities. We highly recommend Jahida Esperanza as a voice instructor, and are thrilled to see her launching an expansion of her work with her new endeavor.
- Lisa & Selah Powell

Jahida is the best vocal coach! She helped me reach vocal heights I didn’t even know I was capable of. Not only that, but she is one of the sweetest and most talented people I know. Her vocal exercises and encouragement as a coach gave me the confidence I needed to reach my fullest potential. Working with Jahida, my vocals have never sounded better!
- Claudia Zamora

Jahida is a dedicated educator and engages her students in lessons that are developmentally appropriate and designed to move all students forward in their learning goals. She can balance the needs of very diverse classes that contain typically developing students, as well as students with special needs. Jahida displays exemplary skills in everything from lesson planning and execution of those lessons, to managing a diverse classroom of learners.
- Kevin Brand, band director CCCS

Jahida does a wonderful job modifying her lessons to meet the needs of the specific students in her classroom. She is bright, enthusiastic, reflective, collaborative, and ethical in all that she does. She has been exceptional to work with as a special education teacher. Jahida is a self-motivated individual who will always make sure things are done well. She has the ability to reach all learning styles and goes the extra mile to assure all of her students are learning. Jahida's enthusiasm, sound decision making skills, professionalism, and excitement for teaching helps her excel. I have witnessed her being a wonderful advocate for students in all things that she did. She goes out of her way to help students with and without special needs access music class in a positive way.
- Jennifer Di Capo, special education teacher

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