Single Student

$800.00 per semester

Enrollment will run semesterly. Price includes two classes of your choice.
FALL - Sept. - Dec.
SPRING - Jan. - May

Sibling Discount

$150.00 per mo./child

Each additional student will include up to 2 classes per semester.

Additional Class

$150 each/mo.

Each class above the 2 included with enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

Two classes of your choice for the semester. The cost includes supplemental materials that will be used to enrich learning.

In addition, parents will receive semesterly pdf lesson plans to forward to their homeschool association, complete with standards.

You will need to download the Zoom app. Students or parents will login to their prospective classrooms, where they'll find a zoom link to the live class, any previously recorded classes, resources, and any materials needed. Any other apps that need....

You know your child(ren) and their abilities best, however, a good idea is what grade they would be in, and/or any previous musical knowledge. If you are still unsure, you can always contact me directly for help.

Students will NOT need an instrument to participate. However, they might be able to benefit visually and tactilely by having a small keyboard for any theory.

No. However, all classes will be recorded for students to be able to view afterwards at their convenience.

Since all classes will be recorded, late registration is possible; semester pricing will still apply.

I've been a K-12 teacher for over 12 years, and not only am I am VERY big Muppets fan, but I've found that (non-violent) mayhem in a music class and teacher makes for a super fun and engaging experience that will leave lasting memories!

Oh! Well, teaching in public schools these past 5 years has become increasingly difficult and dangerous to teach due to guns, racial, discriminatory, and religious zealots. These people have not only impacted me as an Afro-Latina member of the LGBTQ+, but also my students.

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