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Less than 5% of the world's population is tone deaf. There's a very good chance that you are NOT tone deaf! Learning pitch memory, breathing techniques, how to trust your ear, and how to tell a good story will take you from YIKES to LIKES!

14 years old and up. If the student is younger, please contact me directly so that we may work something out.

Great question! There ARE lots of amazing vocal coaches out there. However, I find that my strength is being effective quickly simply by knowing HOW to speak to a student in language they understand. I started out with all of the technical terms and realized my students weren't progressing as well. Wondering why, I had a "EUREKA!" moment where I realized that I myself didn't learn that way either. I learned by visualizations, holistically, direct instruction in simple words, and by doing fun and goofy things that worked! I truly take my time to observe and get to know a student. Once I know what works for them, I can practically see the lightbulb and happiness wash over them, for they finally can hear and see their own power.

YES! I have worked with students in every single genre you can imagine; including SCREAMO!

True. The online nature does make that nearly impossible. Perhaps someday that'll change. However, what I like to do for the first couple of lessons is have a student warm-up in front of me; we'll start with quick stretches, breathing exercises, and vocal warm-ups. Once that's done we can move onto a particular song a student is interested in working on for either a performance or just for fun. First we'll break it down and sing along with the backing vocals. Once a student feels confident, we can move onto an instrumental version. I will provide students with any necessary files and sheet music/lyrics they'll need for success!

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